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2022 Brings a Critical Inflection Point for Application Modernization


Organizations are beginning to achieve concrete successes in modernization initiatives as digital transformation continues to gain traction. While this movement is partially due to the increasingly urgent need to modernize, it can also be attributed to the powerful technologies, platforms, and services available to guide these projects to completion. As the benefits and ability to mitigate the risks of modernizing become more and more apparent, we at EvolveWare believe that 2022 will bring a critical inflection point for application modernization.

Last year, we took some time to reflect on our conversations with our potential and current clients and trusted advisors, as well as on trends in the market to put together some predictions for the application modernization market. Our three key findings were:

  • Security concerns will drive app modernization, allowing IT teams to build stronger business cases for app modernization projects. Exposure to security vulnerabilities and subsequent attacks can result in much higher costs than the cost of modernization.
  • The ever-increasing knowledge gap for maintaining legacy applications will reach a critical point of urgency in 2022. The talent pool needed to maintain these applications is rapidly dwindling as more people retire and less of the new talent available is well-versed in the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Hyper-focused on integration with client and vendor systems with a mandate to reduce operating costs, IT teams will lean more heavily on automation to modernize code and migrate to the Cloud. Using automated modernization tools will enable IT departments to allocate more resources towards other innovations and critical projects.

Ultimately, enterprise and government organizations should look for a platform that allows them to reverse-engineer (document), analyze, extract business rules (BRE), and optimize and migrate code using intelligent, underlying automation while still keeping them in the driver’s seat. This will allow them to accelerate and simplify the application modernization process and stay ahead of the inherent challenges to maintain legacy applications.

You can read a more detailed look into our predictions in our recent article for VMBlog. And as always, we welcome your comments, questions, and feedback.

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